Ditch the workout and join the party!
Zumba® is all about fun and enjoying your workout like never before! It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning group fitness class.  At En Fuego Fitness we blend red-hot international music, and easy to follow dance moves and steps into an amazing workout. Party lights get turned on, and you can lose yourself in the music for a calorie blasting hour. This class is a favorite for many beginner exercisers because it is so much fun, and there is really no right or wrong way to Zumba®: just dance!

  • 60 Minutes.
  • Cardio Dance Style.
  • 400-800.
  • Increased Endurance, Overall Toning, Improved Coordination & Lifts Mood.

Zumba Benefits: 

  • Improves heart and lung function and reduces the risk of heart disease

  • Tones and shapes key muscle groups

  • Maximizes calorie burn through interval training

  • Develops co-ordination and agility

  • Improves bone density

  • Improves posture, core strength and stability

  • Builds self-confidence



En Fuego Fitness Zumba