Testimonial Tammy Tammy Kuechler, Slinger WI

I have always considered myself to be an active person. Love walking for 3 miles 5-6 days a week. But as I aged I realized that I was still slowly but steadily gaining weight – around my middle where I never had a problem before. I joined En Fuego about a year an half ago at the urging of my husband who just LOVED BodyPump. I started with Zumba and then I actually started BodyPump and I had never lifted weights before! I go twice a week now and hate if I have to miss it! Once I added Combat into the mix regularly the stubborn weight came off and I have more energy and feel great. The classes at EnFuego really make fitness fun and that is why I have stuck with it. The instructors are awesome, funny and motivating. They change things up all the time to keep it interesting and all the people are so nice and supportive. No matter what your age or current fitness level is at – there are people just like you at En Fuego!






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From one of our members, Sheila, who also bring hers adorable granddaughter with her to the studio.

“I had great news from my physical last week. My doctor was thrilled to see that I am down ten more pounds and I am still going through menopause. My doctor said many women going through menopause cannot lose weight very well.

I thank En Fuego Fitness for being such an encouragement during the past four years as I worked at increasing my muscle tone and getting physically fit. That is why I have been able to lose fat; because I am gaining muscle.

BodyPump and CXWORX classes have been extremely helpful for me! The atmosphere is energetic, friendly, and professional.”

Thanks for the kind word, Sheila! We love having you in our classes, and seeing all the strength and confidence you have.